Emergency Department Entrance Improvements & Interior Renovation

Client: Cleveland Clinic

Scope: 10,450 SF

Construction Cost: $500,000

Completion Date: July 2011

This project at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus involved interior and exterior renovations for a new Emergency Department public entry, Low Acuity Clinic examination area, 120 foot canopy and new parking lot. 

The Project Team embraced the Clinic’s strict 60 day schedule for completion of design AND construction.  Working within the narrowest of timeframes with scope increases and a myriad of complexities, the success of this project absolutely necessitated an extremely rapid speed of communication and implementation of every project detail. KAI served as the central OAC Team point of contact, assuring constant coordination of all team members and issuing daily project memorandums for each of 60 days so to achieve this goal.  The final constructed project was successfully delivered on the targeted “Day 60” to the great satisfaction of Cleveland Clinic representatives.